On My First Foray Into Poetry

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New paper books!  I’m trying to read more poetry.

Okay, I lie, I never read any poetry so it would be impossible to read more. So correction: I’m trying to get into reading poetry. I’ve read a few so far from the book of love poetry (I hate that pink cutesy cover) and am really enjoying it. I was always intimidated by poetry, thinking that I wouldn’t understand the meanings or imagery or some of the archaic words used by older classical poets.

As it turns my fears were all well-founded, but  I don’t really care. ‘Cos people? I’m not being tested on this. It is entirely okay for me to read a poem simply because I like the sound the words make in my head, and the rhythm they beat out in my heart.




  1. lol If you didn’t read any poetry, it would definitely be possible to read more, it’d be impossible to read less! Good on you. I bought some poetry books when I was in Powell’s City of Books in Portland last spring. Still haven’t cracked them open. 😉

    1. Lol I see what you mean. Just didn’t want to give the wrong impression that I was a poetry aficionado! Well, fall is around the corner — good time to crack open a poetry book and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea, no?

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