Monthly Archives: March 2013

On the Many Ways in Which Neil Gaiman Comforts the Small, Scared Child in Me

He would go somewhere no one knew him, and he would sit in a library all day and read books and listen to people breathing. Last week, after a day of phone calls and text messages that foreboded an uncomfortable and scary disruption to my cosy world, I went online and bought the entire Harry […]

Notes on ‘The Space Between Us’ by Thrity Umrigar

How to start talking about Thrity Umrigar’s The Space Between Us? This whole book blogging thing is so new to me that I feel like I’m floundering about, grabbing haphazardly for whatever words that march across my mind, wrestling them to the page before they have the chance to flee. Which is what writing is, […]

So goodnight, dear void

There’s something bittersweet about reading a new book by a favorite author who has just died. It’s a bit like savoring the last cookie from a recipe no one knows how to make anymore — like Joey Tribbiani gobbling the last half-cookie from Phoebe’s grandmother’s fire-destroyed recipe. Except I’m not going to find a new […]